Views sought on pedestrianisation of Malahide’s New Street

Views of the public sought on the pedestrianisation of Malahide’s New Street from June 2021.

The pedestrianisation of New Street which was implemented last year was suspended for the winter with a plan to re-pedestrian the street this summer.

The pedestrianisation last year had wide support but also has strong opposition. An unknown group listed as “New Street, Malahide” is claimed to be part of the “Cycle Lane Action Group” headed by city-based Cllr Mannix Flynn, who has refused to answer questions on the make up of the group which is opposing walking and cycling measures.

You can give your view by registering / logging in and filling out the survey at The deadline is Friday May 21, 2021

Fingal County Council said: “It is proposed to reinstate the pedestrian zone in the centre of the village which will reintroduce the open air, safe space for people to enjoy the heart of the village once again. This will permit the safe use of outdoor space for outdoor dining, commercial and safe social activity during Covid-19.”

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The council said: “Fingal County Council is committed to the permanent pedestrianisation of New Street. Our vision for New Street is an expertly- designed public area that complements the Village Green and enhances the heart of Malahide for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors alike.”

It added: “The pedestrianisation of New Street will compliment Malahide’s position at the centre of Fingal’s Greenway network with the village set to be connected to the Broadmeadow Way, the Sutton to Malahide Greenway and the Swords to Malahide Cycleway. This will lead to increased visitor numbers as Malahide, with a reimagined New Street and the recently completed Village Green, becomes a natural stopping-off point between Sutton and Balbriggan for those journeying along the Fingal Coastal Way.”

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