‘Critical events’ of Dutch cycling culture revival focus of doc streaming for free until May 31

‘Together We Cycle’, the follow up to the Dutch cycling documentary ‘Why We Cycle’, is available to stream for free as part of the international Bicycle Film Festival until Monday May 31.

According to the makers, the new documentary focuses more on the critical events that led to the revival of the Dutch cycling culture from the 1970s.

“For most people, cycling in the Netherlands appears like a natural phenomenon. However, until the 1970s, the development of mobility in the Netherlands followed trends across the globe. The bicycle had had its day, and the future belonged to the car,” they said.

They added: “The only thing that had to be done was to adapt cities to the influx of cars. Then Dutch society took a different turn. Against all odds, people kept on cycling. The answer to the question of why this happened in the Netherlands is not straightforward. There are many factors, events, and circumstances that worked together, both socially and policy-wise. In Together We Cycle, key players tell the story of the bumpy road which led to the current state…where cycling is an obvious choice for most citizens.”

The Bicycle Film Festival streaming screening is followed a panel discussion. Panellists are Gertjan Hulster, Director of Together We Cycle; Noa Banayan, Director of Federal Affairs at People For Bikes; Chris Bruntlett from the Dutch Cycling Embassy; Gary Fujioka, Sr, Cascade Cycling Club member; and Jimmy Panetta, US Congressman.

The documentary is one hour and 10 minutes long, while the full stream including the panel discussion is just over 2 hours.

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