Bike share expands to cover all of Dublin’s coastal commuter towns

—- Bleeper expands its bicycle fleet in Fingal area from 50 to 120.

IMAGE: Bleeper coverage area.

Stationless bicycle share service, Bleeper, is to expand to of all Dublin’s coastal commuter towns — the service had previously expanded continuously along the coast from Dublin City to the Fingal area and is now to jump to areas further beyond the city.

Along the coast, Bleeper was already available in Sutton, Howth, Baldoyle, Portmarnock, Malahide, and is now to expand to allow the bicycles to be rented and parked up in the urban areas of Donabate, Rush, Portrane, Skerries and Balbriggan. Parking is also currently shown as permitted at Rush’s train station, Rush and Lusk station.

Mayor of Fingal, Cllr David Healy said: “Fingal residents have taken to cycling in a big way and Fingal County Council, along with Bleeper are providing a really high-quality service. I would encourage anyone interested to download the app and get out for a cycle soon.”

Annmarie Farrelly, Chief Executive of Fingal County Council, said: “We live in a rapidly growing county and that can provide challenges for busy town centres. Bike sharing, and cycling in general, facilitates people visiting towns while also reducing traffic congestion. It is just one element of an overall approach to travel that gives priority to cyclists, pedestrians and public transport with an aim to make active travel the mode of choice for all journeys under 5km.”

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David Storey, Director of Services for Environment, Climate Action and Active Travel, said: “The scheme has been hugely successful since its initial launch in 2018. We started with just one pilot location in Blanchardstown, and demand for the service has grown rapidly, so it is great to see these new locations being launched. Bleeper bikes offer everyone access to affordable, sustainable transport whether they are commuting, cycling to the shops or simply enjoying the outdoors this summer.”

Hugh Cooney, CEO of Bleeper, said: “We’ve worked closely with Fingal County Council to grow Bleeper’s coverage within the county over the past few years and we’re delighted to now bring our service to a new set of communities in North Fingal.”

IMAGE CAPTION: From left to right: Cllr Karen Power; Marion O’Connor of the Fingal County Council active travel team; Fingal Mayor Cllr David Healy; David Storey, Director of Services for Environment, Climate Action and Active Travel at Fingal; Annmarie Farrelly, Chief Executive of Fingal; Hugh Cooney, Bleeper CEO; Cllr Tom O’Leary; and Grainne Carroll, Fingal active travel team.

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