‘Cycle Buses’ across Ireland to end school year with protest urging action in short term

Cycle Bus urge people to join then for protest day so they can become redundant quickly.

Organisers of several Cycle Buses across Ireland — who guide children safely to school daily on otherwise unsafe routes — are to end the school year with a protest with a call for urgent action.

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The protest is to highlight the need to enable children on bicycles to be able to travel easily and safely within their communities.

Aodhán King, from the D12 Cycle Bus, said: “We and a number of other cycle buses are taking to the roads on Friday June 25 to highlight the urgent need and demand for immediate interventions for safe cycling for children in cities, towns and villages around the country.”

“We need the Department of Transport, National Transport Authority, and our local Councils to design our communities so that children can travel easily and safely within their community,” he said.

King said: “The protest is timed to coincide with the final week of school, and aims to draw attention to the immediate need for safe cycling interventions before the new school year begins in September.”

He added: “We are inviting friends, family, neighbours and local community organisations, to come and join us on the morning.”







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