Which Dublin Bay South candidates support the Strand Road cycle route trial?

Which Dublin Bay South byelection candidates support the Strand Road cycle route trial as currently proposed by Dublin City Council?

The trial cycle route includes the reallocation of a traffic lane for use as a two-way cycle path on Strand Road in Sandymount. Like nearly any project which disrupts car use, it is facing strong opposition and is currently subject to a High Court challenge.

IrishCycle.com plans to publish a more wider-ranging list, including which candidates have so-far signed up to CyclingForAll.ie. In the meanwhile, here’s the Dublin Cycling Campaign list:

Note: The campaign said that “there are caveats to many of the responses, both from those in favour of and opposed to the trial, so we’d encourage everyone to read each candidate’s response in detail.”

Final #StrandRoad cycle route trial responses:


✅ S Durcan (SD)
✅ C Byrne (GP)
✅ I Bacik (LAB)
✅ P Dooley (IND)
✅ B Purcell (PBP)
✅ L Boylan (SF)


❌ J Geoghegan (FG)
❌ D Conroy (FF)
❌ M Tóibín (AON)
❌ J Gilbourne (RNU)
❌ M Flynn (IND)



  1. Thanks Cian, handy to know where candidates stand on this issue. I tried in vain to find the detailed responses mentioned by the Dublin Cycling Campaign. Do you know if they are available online?


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