Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia… but not many cross the Liffey yet

COMMENT SHORT: There’s a few too many people going around saying or implying that Dublin City Council has lost the run of itself with providing for cycling since the pandemic started… but, if cyclists now has the run of Dublin, wouldn’t you expect more than a few half segregated cycle paths on bridges crossing the River Liffey?

The reality is that, if we include Google Street View images of the bridges from the M50 motorway inwards towards Dublin Bay, there’s only three images with segregated cycle paths. One is temporary and the other is half so.

And unlike the two railway bridges and one tram bridge, the cycle routes are not continuous — one with cycling provision only in one direction and another with shared space on both sides of theb bridge


  1. 3 of the bridges are pedestrian only 1 is a rail only into a tunnel 1 is a motorway not sure on how safe the strawberry beds bridge would be and of the others only chapelizord is really too narrow for any improvement. I cant see why cycle lanes cant be introduced on the other 5 bridges that dont have cycle lanes which would then give 13 bridges with cycle facilities instead of the current 8 of which 4 of them need more improvements to make them safer


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