High Court rejects case for injunction against pedestrianisation in Malahide

BREAKING: An application to remove the pedestrianisation in Malahide ahead of a full judicial review has been rejected by the High Court.

The judicial review proceedings are continuing, but the decision today means that the pedestrianisation will stay in place until the High Court reviews this issues involved as part of the judicial review proceedings.

Cllr Eoghan O’Brian (FF) said: “Delighted to hear that the application for injunction to remove the pedestrianisation of New Street taken by a resident of Old Street has been refused. People can continue to enjoy this space while supporting local businesses.”

Cllr Brian McDonagh said: “Great News! I hear the judge has ruled against the injunction to remove the pedestrianisation of New Street Malahide. Regretable that [the pedestrianisation] has caused conflict but it is the right thing to do!”

Fingal County Council said: “Fingal County Council welcomes today’s High Court decision to refuse an application for an injunction to reverse the pedestrianisation of New Street in Malahide. The judicial review proceedings are to be dealt with at a later date.”

“The Council pedestrianised New Street to provide a safe outdoor space which facilitated social distancing and outdoor dining in line with Government policy and NPHET recommendations around living with Covid-19. The result was a safe environment for the community to enjoy and go about their daily business, an opportunity for local businesses to operate under Covid-19 conditions and a Pedestrian Friendly, Age Friendly, Family Friendly and Cyclist Friendly Zone,” it said.

The council added: “The Council is currently considering permanent public realm enhancements at New Street for the benefit of the community and business. The Council has already committed to further consultation in this regard.”

IMAGE: Cllr Eoghan O’Brian.

CLARIFICATION: For a very short time, while still marked as a breaking news story, the headline and opening paragraph of this article implied that the full case was rejected. We apologise for any confusion.


  1. whilst not knowing why the resident wanted it removed why has it not been fully pedestrianised as suggested bicycles are not allowed in pedestrian only areas . I would like more pedestrianised areas but pedestrian only ones please

  2. Martin – the footpaths are still there. You can still walk along in a pedestrian only space but now with no traffic noise or pollution and more tables for dinners or drinks.

  3. @Martin Hoey
    You might want to try a pedestrian activist website for your one-man crusade there Martin. Or you might want to just get over yourself and accept that a road is a wide space, does not need to be all cars or all pedestrians only and that other modes are possible particularly if engineered properly. The future of transport is mixed.


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