Why is a little bit of red light breaking ok for motorists?

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Motorists running red lights kill at least 1-2 people walking or cycling per year and hurt more, and . So, can anybody help us understand why there’s a national blind spot to motorists running red lights?

It’s been a decade since new red light cameras were installed at two locations in Dublin to test them and it’s been three years since there was a further high-profile trial of the cameras at the Luas crossing on Blackhall Place and at the Chapelizod Bypass junction with the South Circular Road. No apparent progress since at rolling out a system of red light camera.

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  1. For people driving (the ‘in-group’ from the point of view of those making decisions), running a red light is surely just a momentary lapse of good judgment, or justified by the circumstances. For people cycling (the out-group), a few running reds means that all must be tarred with the same brush and cracked down.

  2. I had to go through that junction again today. It was exactly the same situation as in the video with multiple drivers going through on red, even when it was green for traffic to proceed straight. And, to preempt some who might excuse this behavior claiming that the light sequencing is poor: the lights aren’t green for turning traffic for just a few seconds. The drivers turning across the road get plenty of time with the lights green for them. As mentioned in the article, drivers running red lights is just seen as normal.

  3. I was sipping coffee at Toonbridge café beside the level crossing on Serpentine Ave yesterday and the number of drivers who run the red-light/siren for a barrier drop is staggering!


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