Stationless bicycle share Bleeper hits 100,000 registered users

— A free day pass available for users until Sunday to celebrate, says Bleeper.

Stationless bicycle share company Bleeper has said it has reached 100,000 registered accounts.

Hugh Cooney, Bleeper CEO and founder, said: “Increased awareness of climate change and the impact of the pandemic are two of the major factors behind Bleeper’s growth. Bleeper offers a range of climate-friendly transport solutions which are ideally suited to getting around Dublin.”

He added: “We’ve also seen more people rediscovering cycling during the pandemic – something which has been reinforced by the provision of new cycling infrastructure across Dublin.”

The Bleeper service is one of three on-street bicycle share systems in Dublin — the others are the station-based system DublinBikes and the stationless electric Moby. Both Bleeper and Moby also offer monthly rentals.

Bleeper launched with 50 bicycles in 2017 covering just Dublin City Centre, and now has more than 800 bicycles across an area of 100km2 across the Dublin City, Fingal and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown council areas.

The company said: “To celebrate this significant milestone Bleeper is giving all its users, new and old, a voucher for a free day pass which can be redeemed any time up until Sunday 29th August. To redeem the voucher, simply open the Bleeper app menu, select ‘Redeem Coupon Code’ and use the code BLEEPER100 to claim your free day pass.”

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