Woman on bicycle seriously injured by hit-and-run truck driver in Dublin

Gardai are investigating a hit-and-run after a woman cycling a bicycle was knocked off her bicycle and injured by a motorist driving a large truck in Dublin on Tuesday night around 9pm.

The hit-and-run happened beside the Green Hotel just off the South-West corner of St Stephen’s Green going onto Cuffe Street heading west, both the bicycle and truck were heading in the same direction.

The woman, who was taken to St James Hospital, is understood to be injured seriously but not critically.

According to a witness of the aftermath, the woman was on the ground and bleeding. The witness said that three passersby came to aid of the injured woman and a taxi driver used his car to shield her, before Gardai and the Dublin Fire Brigade quickly arrived on the scene on Tuesday night.

The woman who was knocked off her bicycle was wearing a jacket with high-visibility and had front and rear lights, according to the witnesses.

A Garda press release was not issued about the incident, but when contacted Garda press office last night said: “Gardaí attended a two vehicle road traffic collision involving a truck and bicycle that occurred on Cuffe Street shortly after 9pm last night. A female in her 30s was taken to St James hospital to be treated for her injuries.”

When asked if the driver had come forward or been found, this morning the Garda press office said: “There is no appeal for information at this time. Investigation is ongoing. No further information available.”

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UPDATE: Slight edits were made at the request of the witness including outlining how there was more than one passerby helping the woman before emergency services arrived.

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