17 of 18 Galway councillors vote in favour of Salthill cycle path

17 of 18 of Galway City councillors have voted in favour to trial a Salthill cycle path at a council meeting this afternoon

The Galway Cycling Campaign said: “Galway city councillors have voted YES to a temporary Salthill Cycleway. We wanted unanimity, and we almost got it: councillors voted 17-1 in favour of Mayor Colette Connolly’s motion. Salthill will be a better place. More to follow.”

The motion, which was tabled by Galway Mayor, Cllr Colette Connolly (independent), seeks for Galway City Council officials to “urgently seek to create a two way segregated cycle track on a temporary basis along the coastal side of Salthill promenade, specifically the R336 from the junction with Grattan Road up to where the R336 meets with the R337, and shall immediately apply for Covid-19 funding or any available alternative source of funding to facilitate this.”

Transport Minister Eamon Ryan has promised to fund the project.

A short time after the vote, Kevin Jennings, chairperson of the Galway Cycling Campaign, said: “We’re very excited for Galway, and we look forward to an entire network of greenways. Not just in Salthill but around and through the city in the near future.”

“We expected more disagreement about the details, but it looks like the councillors rallied around. There was some talk about housing being more important and deferring this vote — but councillors voted to get this out of the way with a resounding endorsement,” he said. “They can now focus on housing.”

He said: “We now know and the council executive knows that Galway’s people and their councillors are fully supportive of greenways in Galway.”

Jennings said: “The next step is designing the route, which is up to the professionals, taking into account the concerns of locals and putting the needs of disabled people at the forefront. But making sure that the service delivered will not be undermined by any such constraints, and that it will encourage a shift in behaviour in Galway transport users to the bike.”

Jennings said the new route should be suitable for locals cycling for transport as well as visitors, and it should be especially be designed for local children. He said that there are 16 schools within 1km of Salthill.

Cllr Eddie Hoare (FG) said: “Today’s motion passed 17-1 in favour. Let’s hope this project can now be progressed and the trial rolled out.”

Cllr Clodagh Higgins (FG) said: “Strong positive vote delivered 17 in favour 1 against #Salthill cycleway.”

Cllr Owen Hanley (Soc Dems) said: “The Salthill Trial Cycleway Is On! Galway City Councillors have voted in favour of a trial two-way cycleway. Now the Executive must engage communities and make this happen. People power worked!”

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