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Sorry, again, to email subscribers!

Sorry again to email subscribers for an influx of emails of demo content.

The issue is with a WordPress theme and/or it’s interaction with other parts of the website. It was not a hack, but the coding going haywire.

Please be assured that the problematic theme (basically a partly pre-made website design) will not be reactivated without a WordPress developer, a specialist, looking at it first.

For those who want to know, I’ve included the following details…

Yesterday the theme was tested first in a sandbox (not the main website) before it was rebooted, and this issue did not happen.

I understand what happened yesterday as I reset the new WordPress theme, but the demo content should not have republished itself but it did. It is more so unclear why emails about the same demo content was sent out again automatically — the demo content was not republished, so, it must have been an echo stuck in the overloaded system.

I get the emails too, so, I was aware of the issue straight away and was working on it straight away to stop the emails both today and yesterday but auto-publishing of demo content overloads the website and stop me from cutting it off. It’s very stressful looking at it but being unable to access the tools to stop loyal readers from getting bombarded.

But while I say ‘I get the emails’ — I’m still also grateful to those who contact me in different ways just in case I am not. That is useful in case I am not looking at my screen or if the emails don’t reach me for some reason.

I have managed to restore an old WordPress theme and, as mentioned above, the problematic theme will not be reactivated without a WordPress developer looking at it first.

Sorry again — I know that being bombarded with emails is extremely annoying.

Thank you,

Cian Ginty
Editor, IrishCycle.com

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