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At least some of you will know that has researched reader-funded journalism for years, but now it’s make-or-break time. is asking readers to please become a member today via at

At its core, is independent journalism covering the resurgence of cycling in Ireland. It also covers related topics such as pedestrianisation, as well as other road safety and sustainable transport issues. There’s a bit of background below for newer readers.

I want to be upfront with readers here: Up to this point, articles were worked on and written on lunch breaks, late at night, and at weekends. Eating into family time and sometimes healthy sleeping time too. But not only that: has been subsidised for years by an unrelated full-time job in my family’s business, and a handful of readers kindly covering hosting etc costs.

To make this website more sustainable, I had been looking at the reader-funded model before COVID hit. The pandemic and lockdowns then added uncertainty. But my situation has changed — I’ve been made redundant from the family business. So, it actually is make-or-break time.

I’m mentioning the above not as a sob story, but to honest and upfront with readers that there’s a relatively short timeframe to get this working or to move on to do something else.

Like our journalism? Then please:This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Subscribe-1.png

If you want to secure the future of please sign up for monthly membership at — after consulting with readers and people who have made businesses like this work, I am asking that people please consider at least €4 per month and more if they can.

It will help:

  • Support’s journalism covering cycling, and related issues.
  • Promote best practices in infrastructe and cover when things go wrong.
  • Allow for the time needed to produce a mix of indepth and shorter news and comment articles. For example, talk to more people, ask more questions, submit FOI requests etc.
  • Aim to source guest articles from a broad range of voices.
  • Fund a freelance budget and, hopefully, eventually a second member of staff.
  • Seek to balance of coverage, ie more coverage outside of Dublin.

A bit of background for newer readers: run by me, Cian Ginty — I have reported on and commented on cycling in Ireland for over a decade. I have a background in journalism, with a BA in Journalism from Dublin City Univerity (DCU), and an HDip in Print Journalism from Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE).

Just over a decade ago, I was writing about cycling (and other issues) for national newspapers, and, in 2009, I started first for overflow stories and more details than any newspaper could print. That grew into what is today.

To help keep going please visit today and sign up to give what you can per month. You can also use Ko-Fi to send one-off support, but, if you can, please consider monthly as it allows to plan ahead.

How reader funding is helping save independent media across the world

Thank you,

Cian Ginty

PS: A new redesign has also been implemented — this time with professional help from a WordPress developer to avoid any technical issues. We’re still making a few tweaks, but please comment below or Tweet @IrishCycle if you have any feedback.

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