News from bumpy painted lanes: Dutch Ambassador in Dublin takes up cycling challenge

— Ambassador says he’s cycling “because to go into the city centre, you don’t need a car, electric or regular.”

The Ambassador of the Netherlands to Ireland, Adriaan Palm, said today how he was taking up the challenge to film part of his cycle to the Irish Department of Transport to discuss sustainable mobility.

Palm said he was taking up the challenge from Karel van Oosterom, the Netherlands Ambassador to London, and Anna Holligan, BBC foreign correspondent based in the Hague.

Holligan is known for her near-daily ‘Dutch news from the cycle path’ video segments posted to her Twitter account (see example below) as well as for presenting news reports with her child in a cargo bike alongside her.

In his video, Palm said: “Inspired by my London colleague, Karel van Oosterom, this is Dutch news from the Dublin cycle path. Today, I’m cycling to the Department of Transport to talk about electric vehicles. To see how we, the Dutch and the Irish, can work together to improve the use of electric vehicles in Ireland.”

He added: “And I’m doing that on my bike because to go into the city centre, you don’t need a car, electric or regular.”

He tweeted: “Challenged/inspired by my colleague @KvanOosterom and BBC’s @annaholligan, this is “Dutch news from the Dublin cyclepath”. On my way to SecGen Spratt of @Dept_Transport to discuss sustainable mobility (EV’s, #cycling). We @NLinIreland want to deliver joint #ClimateAction.”

The video was filmed using a selfiestick taped to the Dutch Embassy’s bicycle:

Example of Dutch news from the cycle path:

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