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Dublin bicycle share to go 24 hours

Bleeper, a stationless bicycle share system in Co Dublin, is to be the first system to go 24 hours in the capital, the company has said.

Until now Bleeper followed the precedent set by DublinBikes in having a cut-off of renting bicycles around midnight, while returns can be made after that.

Currently, Bleeper is slighly more restrictive with rentals open until midnight, while the cut off for DublinBikes is half-past. Moby, another staionless opprator, does not list any hours on its website or app.

Bleeper said: “Lots of you have been asking for extended Bleeper operating hours, especially people who work irregular hours and late nights. We have taken your feedback on board so, from Wednesday 1st December, Bleeper bikes will be available to hire 24/7. This makes Bleeper the first 24-hour public bike rental service in Dublin.”

The company added: “There will be an initial trial period of a few months, after which the new operating hours will be reviewed and we’ll make a decision on whether to make the changes permanent or not”.

There will also be a price increase from the current pay-as-you-go amount of €1 per hour to costing €2.2 per hour — which is still cheaper than any other mode of transport. The new pricing will include €1 once the rental statrs and €0.02/minute there after.

The membership price will also be increaing from €12.50 a month for 4 daily rides to €17.50.

Bleeper said: “This new pricing structure reflects standard practice internationally and will make it easier for Bleeper to introduce a greater variety of vehicles to our shared fleet in the near future.”

IMAGE: The Bleeper bike rental area.

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