iBIKEbop, the cycle protest that’s more of a ‘cycling disco’, goes nationwide

iBIKEbop, what is described as a ‘cycling disco’ is going nationwide this week, with events in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, and Wexford on Friday, November 26, as well as in Kilkenny and Naas on Saturday 27.

Details of the cycles in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Wexford, and Kilkenny are listed below.

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Across the world, the last Friday of the month is recognised as the day for CriticalMass protest rides, I Bike Dublin is following this but CriticalMass is not mentioned in promo tweets from most of the other cities and towns getting involved.

All organisers are following the fun IBIKEBop format which they say is designed to bring a little light and cheer to the streets as people taking part cycle along.

“It brightens up the evening for spectators as much as those that get involved,” said Peter Collins, a volunteer at I Bike Dublin. “We are delighted to see interest nationally around CriticalMass and following the IBIKEBop format.”


“Along with representatives from Galway Cycling Campaign amongst others we supported Cork Cycling Campaign in September for a Cycle Disco around the streets of Cork and like Dublin it was a very diverse group that attended and got involved in a Cycle Disco around the streets of Cork that finished up with a very energetic #WheresMeJumper dance under the recently installed Robot Trees,” he said.

Collins said: “Following on from the succession of CriticalMass cycles in Dublin including the recent Halloween themed, in October, where those present dressed up in festive costumes and decorated their bicycles with Spooky themes and bopped along to a choreographed playlist supplied by @MonthlyCycles. Momentum has grown as has interest and we were happy to share this focus on cycling in our towns and cities and welcome other destinations getting involved.”

“It is fantastic to see and shows how much demand there is for safe cycling and improved infrastructure for people who simply want to get about by bike. These CriticalMass cycles give a taste of what it is like to be able to safely cycle around our streets by cycling together as a group, young families and people who are nervous to cycle amongst faster-moving traffic get to enjoy the streets in a calm fun way. It has encouraged more to take to the bike and more often. It’s a bit like a Cycle Bus just we’re not on the way to school,” said Collins.

He said it’s not a competition but that they want to see which city or town comes up with the most creative, colourful, lit up bikes and people.

He added: “We are looking forward to taking to the streets again and thank all our volunteers for support and help always. Past, present and future.”

Tom Hennessy, with Cork Cycling Campaign, said: “I had aspirations to bring the Ibop to Cork for some time and it happened in September as part of Bike Week. With the support of Peter and Ciaran from IBike Dublin we ran a very successful event.”

“For me, the Ibop is mostly about fun; a community event where a group of cyclists come together to socialise in a safe environment. It’s inclusive and open to all ages and abilities. It will also help to raise awareness of the campaign and the important advocacy work being done in Cork,” he said.

Hennessy said: “The nationwide Ibop emerged when I contacted Peter about running concurrent events in Cork and Dublin. Peter suggested we go nationwide and an idea was born. Cycling groups from around the country were contacted with several jumping on board on November 26.”

“The Cork Cycling Campaign is looking to run more family-friendly and fun cycling events to promote everyday cycling and the joys of same.”










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