Finally: Tramore Valley Park walking and cycling access via Half Moon Lane opens

The long-awaited for walking and cycling access to Tramore Valley Park via Half Moon Lane in Cork is now opened via Half Moon Lane.

The current access is described as “unofficial” access exists with small works continuing around the access point, and the official opening planned for early January.

The park opened in 2019, but remained inaccessible on the city side of its boundary. The detour around to other access points was unfriendly for walking and cycling, and, last year during Covid lockdown, it put people outside the travel distance.

As reported last year, local residents started a petition calling on the council to open access via Half Moon Lane. Cork City Council denied the request of both councillors and campaigners to open the access quickly last year due to claims of “safety issues” which is disputed by those who want the access opened. The works to redesign the entrance was then advanced by the council with pressure from councillors.

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