Appeal for bicycles suitable for Ukrainian refugees, and for children in direct provision

Bicycles which are in reasonably good condition suitable for Ukrainian refugees, and four children’s bicycles for ages 8 to 12 are being sought for children in direct provision.

The request for the bikes was made by The Bike Hub, a social enterprise run in partnership with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. While the request is for bicycles in good condition, the bikes don’t have to be in perfect condition — The Bike Hub will fix up the bikes before passing them on.

The Bike Hub said: “We have several requests for kids’ bikes from Irish Refugee Council and from residents in direct provision. Currently, we are short of four bikes for ages 8 to 12. If you have reasonably good bikes to donate, please email”

On the Ukraine appeal, on Monday, The Bike Hub said: “On Saturday we received the first request for bikes for people arriving from Ukraine. While we wish this was never necessary, we are very happy to be in a position to assist. We will provide bikes to as many refugees as we possibly can.”

It added: “Today we heard from Canada Life Reinsurance offering €1,000 to fund parts and accessories for bikes to help welcome people arriving from Ukraine. All this support is highly appreciated.”

For bike donations of bicycles, The Bike Hub is asking people to please send photos to, and to volunteer to repair bikes, please contact for available slots.

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