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WATCH: Dublin-style protected junction vs first Irish adaption of Dutch-style protected junction design

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: We’ve covered the differences between Dublin-style and Dutch-style junctions before, but now we’re getting to see then out in the wild in Dublin, with the former built and the latter under construction.

This is Limerick Cycle Design’s graphic of the differences between the two designs and the key differences:

Here’s the Dublin-style junction as built in Balbutcher Lane in Ballymun:

And here’s the first significant Irish adaptation of the Dutch-style protected junction at the junction of Drummartin Link Road, Lower Kilmacud Road, and Eden Park Road — for now it’s under construction, but besides the pedestrian crossings, it’s very Dutch-style:

And here are examples of non-signalised and signalised protected junction designs in Utrecht:

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