Dublin City Centre commuter cycling numbers heading back to pre-Covid levels

Traffic counters are showing that the number of people cycling in Dublin City Centre is nearly back to pre-pandemic levels.

Data for March shows cycling numbers just 16% under pre-Covid levels — that compares to 33% under pre-pandemic levels in February.

The closing gap comes as more commuters get back to offices. During the pandemic the number of people cycling is reported to have increased in some suburban areas while in decreased in the city centre as commuters worked from home.

According to Active Travel Counts, the number of commuters cycling on Grove Road, along the canal between Rathmines and Harold’s Cross, “flirts with pre-COVID levels of cycling.”

It said: “Grove Rd in D6 recorded the highest daily count since pre-COVID times with 3,542 cyclists on Tuesday March 29th, the highest recorded since Wednesday March 11th 2020 when 3,889 cyclists were counted.”

A new counter on Richmond Street, between Rathmines and the city centre has set a new record.

“Richmond St. D2 recorded its highest daily count since the counter was deployed in January 2021 with 3,667 cyclists on Friday March 25th,” explained Active Travel Counts.

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