DublinBikes adds a €3.50 1-day ticket which can be bought and used via upgraded app

DublinBikes — Dublin’s first on-street bicycle share system — has launched a €3.50 1-day ticket which allows for unlimited trips up to 30 minutes in one day.

A big difference from the pre-Covid situation is that both the 1-day ticket and the existing 3-day ticket can be now bought via the updated DublinBike app and bicycles can also be unlocked using the app — this is a huge leap compared to 3-day ticket holders previously having to enter a long code each time they wanted to rent a bike.

Dublin City Council said: “Check out the new 1-day ticket option for NOW DublinBikes this bank holiday weekend. At €3.50 for unlimited journeys up to 30mins, it’s a great way to get around for the day.”

After the half-hour, rental charges are applied as normal — €0.50 – Up to 1 hour, €1.50 – Up to 2 hours, €3.50 – Up to 3 hours, €6.50 – Up to 4 hours, €2.00 Every extra ½ hour.

COMMENT: Is the day ticket good value?

The 3-day tickets are only €5, so, if you’re likely to be using DublinBikes for more than one day, it’s worth picking that instead. And if you’re a frequent visitor to Dublin City Centre it might be work looking at the long-term subscription for €35 per year.

Of the stationless bicycle share options — which have a wider range than just the city centre — Bleeper is cheaper than the electric offering from Moby. Looking at Bleeper pay-as-you-go vs DublinBikes, it’s likely that you’d have to make three or more trips before DublinBikes is the cheaper option, as Bleeper is currently charged with a €1 unlock fee per trip and €0.02 per minute.

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