Witnesses sought to Dublin hit-and-run where motorist knocked person off bicycle

Gardai in Dublin are investigating a hit-and-run where a motorist ran into a person cycling on a path in Finglas in February 2022.

The hit-and-run in north Dublin featured on RTE Crimecall last night. The CCTV footage showed and Garda voiceover described how the driver of the silver car mounted the footpath and knocked the cyclist off their bike.

The person is shown in footage travelling a few metres on the bonnet of the car before the motorist stopped and the person fell onto the ground.

The motorist then reversed and drove off. Gardai said that they understand that the driver of the car had a shaved head and that there were two young children in the car at the time.

The person knocked off the bike was treated with facial injuries that required surgery.

Contact details for Crimecall are as follows: Phone 1800 40 50 60, Freetext: 50123 or email: crimecall@garda.ie. Or Finglas Garda Station can be contacted directly at (01) 666 7500.

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