Moby bike share to add 350 bicycles to Dublin’s streets, expand to Athlone and Mullingar

Bicycle share company Moby is to add 350 non-electric bicycles to Dublin’s streets and add its services to the towns of Athlone and Mullingar.

Moby said: “At the start of next month, the first of 350 new Moby Peddle Bikes will be on the streets of Dublin to complement our existing fleet of Moby Electric Bikes.”

The company said: “In order to facilitate this change we are migrating to a new app and our electric bikes will be taken off the streets for a brief period to undergo upgrades and refurbishment before being made available again on the new app.”

“From early August when you see the new Moby Peddle Bikes you will need to use the new app to unlock and ride. The current app will not work for these bikes. You will need to download and register again on the new app. On the date that the ebikes are withdrawn any existing ride credit in your account will be transferred to the new app,” it said.

The company said that they know this will be an inconvenience but that the new app will allow them to introduce “new features and services faster.”

Moby added: “And our new Peddle Bikes will allow us to place more bikes in more parts of the city to enable more seamless transport by bike for you. It will also allow you to rent a Moby Bike if you are in Athlone and Mullingar where we also operate!”

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