“Grave concerns” over motorists continuously entering Cork cycle lane but council says there are “constraints” at location

Campaigners in Cork have said they have “grave concerns” for the safety of people cycling in the cycle lane from South Terrace to Georges Quay in Cork City and urgent action is needed, but the council has responded by outlining that there are “constraints” at the junction in question.

According to a number of people who cycle in Cork, motorists continuously enter the solid white line cycle lane at South Terrace — as the street bends, motorists illegally cut across the cycle lane.

Campaigners say the cycle lane could be protected temporarily ahead of a permanent solution, but the council says while it notes the concerns, there are constraints at the location.

The Cork Cycling Campaign said: “It is now 9 days since we wrote to Cork City Council outlining our grave concerns with this junction. We have yet to receive an acknowledgement of the issue from the Roads Operations Directorate.”

They added: “This junction can be made safer in 2hrs.”

In a response to IrishCycle.com today, a spokesperson for Cork City Council said: “Cork City Council notes the concerns of the Cork Cycling Campaign. There are constraints at this junction and Cork City Council has the matter under review.”

There was no elaboration on what the constraints are.

Conn Donovan, chairperson of the Cork Cycling Campaign, this evening said: “A number of people have approached the Cork Cycling Campaign this year to express their grave concerns about this junction. You have a dedicated cycle lane that essentially becomes a ‘no man’s land’ because vehicles veer into it.”

“We’ve made formal representations to Cork City Council in writing to highlight these concerns and as we are a key stakeholder in the city, we feel that Cork City Council may be held partially liable if a person was to sustain injuries while cycling here,” said Donovan.

He added: “As a Mission City, it’s highly incumbent on City Hall to take onboard concerns regarding safe cycling and act quickly to remedy them. It’s clear to all here that some form of segregation is needed to stop vehicles driving in the cycle lane.”

MAIN IMAGE: Via Cork Cycling Campaign on Twitter.

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