‘Backers to Work’ scheme to stimulate employment and get top businesspeople zooming past colleagues sitting in traffic

Sources have said that the Irish government are set to endorse a ‘Backers to Work’ scheme, where young lads on bicycles give backers to businesspeople who have to work on the move or just want to skip the traffic without cycling themselves.

The new scheme was inspired by budding entrepreneur Seán Burke who started to offer backers to a few businessmen living in his rapidly gentrifying area of Dublin. Burke originally started the service with a basic bartering system, but it’s understood there are moves to make the system a bit more formal and include app payments.

Watch this to see how it works: (Audio NSFW)

…of course, not really… the video is a sketch from the new RTE comedy series No Worries If Not!.

We’re left wondering was the London-based Irish comedian Burke was inspired by Pedal Me, which offers cargo and people-carrying services in the UK’s capital:

Pedal Me also delivers for businesses and even offers a house-moving service too…

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