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NEWS IN BRIEF: Make Way Day includes bicycles; #IBikeBob critical mass happens today


Make Way Day

Today is Make Way Day. It’s led by the Disability Federation of Ireland and described as advocates from across Ireland highlighting the problems caused by things — such as cars, bins, tables, etc — left on the footpath obstructing people with disabilities.

While bicycles are generally allowed to be parked on footpaths, cycle campaigners are reminding people that it is a requirement to make sure you don’t park in a way that blocks the footpath for others — for example, avoid locking your bike on narrow footpaths, make sure your bike is not likely to fall down, and never lock your bike to bus stops pole or at traffic lights or at drop kerbs.

#IBikeBob critical mass

It’s that time of the month again — I Bike Dublin and Monthly Cycles are hosting the Dublin Critical Mass cycle this evening from 6pm at Parnell Square North opposite the Hugh Lane Gallery.

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