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Cork residents: Do you want a more sustainable future? Car-dominated status quo advocates are shouting from rooftops

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Don’t fall asleep at the sound of the words ‘public consultation’… the current round of consultation for BusConnects in Cork ends today and campaigners are looking for people to act.

Those objecting to the plans won’t be falling asleep. Despite concerns that you and many people may have about climate change, inactivity, road safety, or keeping Cork accessible as it grows, the objectors are literally status quo advocates:

BusConnects in Cork suffers from many of the issues of the project in Dublin and Galway including attempts to retain too much car access and poor design around cycling. But regardless of its issues, BusConnects needs both support and calls for it to be improved in terms of walking, cycling, bus use and livability.

By not acting, you’re letting the people who want to retain the car-focused status quo to be heard more than you.

Act now by replying to the public consultation — you don’t need to make a long submission, just voice your support for BusConnects to be better.

EDITED: While the BusConnects story is ongoing in Dublin, here’s an example of residents getting together and making progress:

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