Man in 20s rammed off bicycle by motorist near Dublin Airport

Gardai are investigating after a motorist drove into a man in his 20s cycling on one of the public roads just outside of Dublin Airport’s perimeter fence on Saturday morning.

Gardai describe the injuries sustained by the person cycling as “non-life threatening”, which can apply to a broad range of injuries.

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A video of the collision was posted online with a passenger recording it and has been shared extensively on social media. When seems to be passenger said “Here we go… watch, watch, watch” before the moment of impact, and then said, “Go, go, gone…”.

The same TikTok account which the video is from also has a video of a motorist driving up the Ballymun Road, running a red light, weaving between cars and using the bus lane.

A spokesperson for the Garda Press Office said: “Gardaí are investigating a road traffic collision involving a cyclist and car that occurred on the Naul Road, Ballymun, at approximately 7:45am yesterday morning, Saturday 8th October 2022.”

They added: “The cyclist, a man in his 20s was taken to Beaumount to be treated for his injuries which are non-life threatening. Investigations are ongoing.”


  1. I feel sick now, knowing I saw what was left of the bike in the ditch, as hundreds of others would’ve done, on the final leg of the DFB sportive later that afternoon. I presumed it had been robbed, trashed & dumped, nothing as sinister as this

  2. In my opinion this was Attempted Murder, not a “collision involving a cyclist and car.” The toerags admitted it themselves by putting the video out on their own social media. Everyones seen it at this stage, thanks to the attempted murders showing it off. This is why we need more cycle lanes. Though those attempted murderers would probably still do that in a cycle lane.

  3. I am not commenting on Cians excellent article. Apologies to Cian if he thought I was. I am referring to the language used by the Gardai, courts and general media. Cian is a gem and thanks Cian for the ongoing excellent work on behalf of cyclists. But this slaughter of cyclists by motorists who should be locked-up has to stop.


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