66% of voters support “fewer car lanes and increased pedestrianisation” — RedC poll

— Majority support for few car lanes across all age group, across party supporters, and social classes.

66% of Irish voters support fewer car lanes and increased pedestrianisation in cities and towns, according to a Business Post RED C poll.

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The results are from supporting questions asked in the latest RED C political poll for the Business Post newspaper. The polling company is one of the most respected for tracking public support of political parties and the question on support for “fewer car lanes and increased pedestrianisation in cities and towns” was asked alongside questions on people’s support for parties.

RED C said it interviewed a random sample of 1004 adults aged 18 and over online between Friday and Thursday, October 31-27, 2022.

On the question of fewer car lanes and increased pedestrianisation, 31% said they strongly agreed, 35% said they slightly agree, a minority of 29% said they disagree and 5% said they don’t know.

A breakdown was given for the largest three parties as follows — 68% of Sinn Fein supporters, 68% of Fianna Fáil supporters, 61% of Fine Gael supporters are in favour fewer car lanes and increased pedestrianisation.

The support for such measures among supporters of independent candidate is also at 61%. A breakdown is not given for other party supporters.

Support is strongest among 18-34 year olds at 74%, compared to 63% for 35-54 year olds and 62% for 55 years and older.

There is a very small gender divide — 67% support among men and 65% among women. And a slightly larger social class divide — 68% support among ABC1 respondents vs 65% for C2DE respondents.

There’s a slight urban rural divide with 68% urban dwellers supporting the measures vs 62% of rural dwellers, although still a clear majority.

Support is marginally strongest in Connacht / Ulster at 71%, followed by 68% in Dublin, 64% in the rest of Leinster and 62% in Munster.

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