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5 points and €300 fine for motorist whose solicitor argued cyclist shouldn’t be on a road at rush hour

A driver of a van has been given five points and €300 fine for careless driving when he aggressively overtook a cyclist in Cork.

The cyclist, John Grace, aka ‘righttobikeit’, told IrishCycle.com that the motorist’s solicitor had try to argue that Grace, as an experienced cyclist, would know that that is a busy road at rush hour and that it wasn’t safe to cycle there.

The solicitor was saying Grace should know better rather than that there was any legal bar to cycling on such a road, but he said the “Judge had none of it”.

Posting a video of the incident (see below), Grace said that the motorist had been “blowing his horn pressuring the patient driver in black car to overtake”. He said the driver in the black car waited and took advantage of a break in oncoming traffic before he overtook.

He said the van driver then “pushed through after aggressively with oncoming” traffic. Grace said he caught up to the van 5 minutes later when he said that the driver denied he was even on the road.

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