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Greenway extension opens in Ballina

A short greenway extension is now open outside Ballina — it adds 1km to the Belleek Woods greenway in the town.

The walking and cycling route now totals 3.6km on the Ballina and makes up part of what is planned to be the Monasteries of the Moy Greenway.

The new section is made up of compacted dust surface and the access control is well-spaced bollards.

There’s also a 4km greenway on the Killala side, but a gap of 5km between them. The 5km gap is currently bridged by a relatively quiet road but it includes some steep hilly and can be busy with tourist traffic in the summer.

A greenway route had been planned along the route of the abandoned Ballina to Killala Railway. But the land is now in private ownership and objections lead to the project being stalled before a more incremental approach was taken.

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  1. We stayed in Beleek Castle during August and so I am wondering where this greenway is on the map. Is it on the town side of Beleek Wood and does it link along the quays?


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