Why IrishCycle doesn’t do Black Friday deals or any sales

Some newspapers have deals offering €1 per month for 3 or even 12 months, IrishCycle.com is reader-funded journalism without a paywall — so, it seems pointless offering discounts. Why?…

You don’t need a discount to try IrishCycle.com, it’s open to everyone. That’s the point: Subscribers — value not just paying to read IrishCycle.com, but also supporting it as open journalism available to everyone.

I think and hope subscribers agree that it’s better to have thousands of people being able to read IrishCycle a month, than just a few hundred subscribers having access to news and comment articles.

If you agree, please subscribe today if you can. Even just €5 per month can help put this website on the road to a sustainable future.

A lower subscription amount isn’t offered as too high of percentage of such an amount would be going on payment processing fees. One-off payments are also possible, if that’s what suits you, but this website really needs monthly subscribers to make it workable in the long run.

IrishCycle is now just 6 subscribers away from 300 — but, here’s the thing, as you might expect in the cost of living crisis, a number of subscribers have also left. So, if you can please subscribe today.

If you are already a subscriber, thank you! And if you cannot afford to subscribe, please don’t worry about it at all.

Thanks for reading,

Cian Ginty

Editor, IrishCycle.com

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