Plan for 47 tables and 94 chairs for dining on busy Dublin footpath “madness”

An application for outdoor dining along the public footpath on South Great George’s Street, described as one of Dublin’s busiest footpaths, has been branded as “madness” by campaigners.

The street furniture application was submitted to Dublin City Council by Future Properties Wicklow Ltd, on “behalf of the ground floor tenants of Castle House and Wicklow House”.

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The site notice states that the application is for “47 no. tables and 94 no. chairs in a screened area measuring 100.43 metres long and 2.36 metres wide. (Area 115m2).”

Feljin Jose, chairperson of the Dublin Commuter Coalition, a group that advocates for sustainable transport, said: “The owner of this building on George’s Street wants to build an enclosed private dining area 100m long and 2.4m wide on the public footpath. This is one of the busiest footpaths in the city and is not even 3m wide. Dublin City Council has to reject this application.”

He said the thinks that the deadline is this Friday based on assuming the 5 weeks consultation period includes public holidays from when the licence was applied for.

“The private dining areas are proposed on public footpaths outside 7 bars and restaurants on the street (Diwali, I Love You So Much, Boojum, San Lorenzo, Pi, Pitt Bros and The George). The owner says the application is on behalf of the tenants,” he said.

Jose said: “Can you imagine 2.4m outdoor dining areas on these 3-3.5m wide extremely busy footpaths? Madness. Dining areas shouldn’t be approved at the expense of pedestrians. If they’re approved on public spaces in the city centre, the space should come removing space for cars.”

He added: “You would hope Dublin City Council will reject this ridiculous proposal but these two are just around the corner on Dame Street so I wouldn’t be so sure.@


  1. Noting personal but I wonder how you would feel if somebody interfered with your job a little bit of empathy need here just my opinion

  2. They closed off caple street to cars to facilitate a similar seating area along the parking spaces which are on the street… They gave the cafes ect grants to proceed but then the issue of insurance came up..who would be liable if someone walking by got burnt from food/ drink coming out of the cafe to the seating area on council land ( road)…it’s not going ahead now after council spending about E1 million filling in the parking spaces ….all at the cost of the motorist who has to divert round the city


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