Quick-build Ranelagh and Ballsbridge cycle routes expected to be rolled out in 2023

— Drawings show Clonskeagh cycle route has sections as narrow as 1.2 metres.
— Plan includes mostly unidirectional cycle tracks.
— Nassau Street contra-flow lane to be changed to two-way cycle path

Dublin City Council officials are to present plans for two substantial quick-build cycle routes via Ranelagh and Ballsbridge to councillors on Monday.

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The designs will require a reconfiguration of street space, including removing parking along different sections of both routes and removing stretches of bus lanes in Ranelagh.

The Trinity to Ballsbridge Interim Walking & Cycling Scheme is 2.15km, and the Clonskeagh to City Centre Interim Walking & Cycling Scheme is 3km long. Both routes are divided by sections shared with bus lanes, bus stops, and loading bays. The Ballsbridge scheme is far less continuous with large sections of bus lanes in both directions. According to the sample drawings in the presentations, the Clonskeagh project is more continuous overall.

The Clonskeagh route is interrupted by features such as bus stopping areas and loading bays, including the loading bay in the cycle lane outside SuperValu Ranelagh. This was removed as part of the Safe Routes to School Programme, but politicians lobbied officials to allow loading to take place in the cycle lane again.

Copies of the presentations for the two cycle routes were posted online ahead of the South East Area Committee meeting on Monday at 2:30pm.

The Ballsbridge route is planned to be implemented as quickly as “Q2 2023”, but the council has a record of delaying such rollouts. The Clonskeagh route has just an expected construction date listed as “Interim Scheme 2023” and “Permanent Scheme 2024”.

Drawings within the presentations show that the planned Clonskeagh cycle route has sections which are just 1.5 metres wide and some sections as narrow as 1.2 metres. The widths vary on other sections including around 2 metres, which is seen as a good standard. The widths of the cycle tracks on the sample drawings for the Ballsbridge route are less clear as the images are at a lower resolution.

Both projects are expected to go to public consultation in Q1 of this year before being presented again to councillors.

Presentations and sample drawings from the presentations:

Trinity to Ballsbridge Interim Walking & Cycling Scheme drawings:

Nassau Street

Nassau Street (contuined)

Merrion Square North

Mount Street Lower

Mount Street Lower and the intersection with the Grand Canal route

Northumberland Road

Clonskeagh to City Centre Interim Walking & Cycling Scheme drawings:

Charlemont Street

Ranelagh Road

Ranelagh Village

Ranelagh Village south

Junction at Miltown Rd. Eglington Rd.

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