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Some readers might have recently spotted links within articles to IrishCycle.com’s new Cycle-infrapedia (cycling-infrastructure-pedia) pages. These are basically, reference pages, but written more in the style of articles than an encyclopedia.

Recently I’ve linked to the filtered permeability and the sharrows pages. Today I’ve also published the bicycle street page and there’s also a very short page on cycle track. All of these are a work in progress and there should be more to come.

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It’s designed as an easy way to reference using links for readers to find out more details. Especially to allow newer or more casual readers to understand different types of infrastructure and various concepts which might not be explained in full in each article.

It’s easier to link to ‘internal’ pages when I’m writing an article, which means I don’t have to go off looking an URL to link to. The URLs are also been kept simple so you can remember them, ie irishcycle.com/sharrows or irishcycle.com/filtered.

Unlike typical IrishCycle.com articles, these pages are designed to be updated. As mentioned, the Cycle-infrapedia is also a work in progress. So, please get in touch if you have any recommendations, requests on what to cover next, or complaints — even about the name, I’m still not sure of it.


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