Plan for Dublin’s Eden Quay to tackle junction at Custom House but mixes cycling and buses

Disappointment has been expressed at the planned changes to Eden Quay which will tackle the Beresford Place junction at Custom House, but leave people cycling mixing with buses pulling into and out of busy stops.

Dublin City Council has confirmed that contractors have been appointed to one of the few remaining sections of the quays which has not yet had measures implemented as part of the Interim Liffey Cycle Route. The works on Eden Quay stretch 0.25km from O’Connell Bridge to the Butt Bridge/Beresford Place junction.

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The council said that installation works are proposed to start in March 2023. It is part of the 2023 NTA allocation of €1,800,000, which also includes funding for a more substantial project on the south quays.

Kevin Baker, a member and former chairperson of the Dublin Cycling Campaign, said: “I’ve cycled Eden Quay almost every day for years now. I was clipped by a van on Eden Quay five years ago and luckily got away with only minimal injuries. Eden Quay is the worst part of the north quays for cycling and it needs improvements.”

“I’ve been eagerly awaiting changes at Eden Quay since construction started on the rest of the interim Liffey cycle route in May 2020. Nearly three years later I’m disappointed that Dublin City Council isn’t doing more on Eden Quay. There’s two major dangers on Eden quay: lots of buses pulling into bus stops across the cycle lane; and general traffic turning left behind the Custom House,” he said.

Baker added: “Dublin City Council is tackling the left-turning traffic issue, which is how I was clipped by a van, but leaving people cycling exposed to double-decker buses driving across the floating cycle lane. These proposed improvements are far from the safe cycle lanes that DCC have installed on other parts of the Liffey quays. I’ll be glad to have these safety improvements. All improvements are welcome. I just wish it didn’t take so long to deliver such a meagre improvement.”

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said: “With the requirement to facilitate bus services along this section of the quays, there are limitations to the level of segregated cycling facilities that can be provided on an interim basis. The scheme however will provide a full new road surface and a significant upgrade to the junction at Beresford Place/Butt Bridge to improve the pedestrian and cyclist environment at this location.”

The drawings for the scheme can be viewed below and the council has made them available on the Dublin City Council Active Travel webpage under Interim Schemes/Liffey Cycle Route.

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  1. Shockingly inadequate, especially for less young, less stable, pannier-laden people on bikes less me. I’ll continue using the boardwalk & footpaths. Go ahead, arrest me.

  2. looks similar to whats there already the big worry i would see here is large trucks turning into beresford place from eden quay due to thelow bridge height will be more dangerous to straight ahead cyclists now


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