NTA yet to review Limerick’s South Circular plan to see if “it’s still a fundable scheme”

Anne Graham, CEO of the National Transport Authority, has said that it will be reviewing the plans for the South Circular Road in Limerick “to see from our point of view whether it’s still a fundable scheme”.

She made the comments at the launch of BusConnect Limerick after councillors, on Monday, voted on an amendment version of a Part 8 proposal for the cycling project.

Live 95 reported yesterday how Graham, has said that the authority has yet to confirm whether the amended scheme can be funded.

Graham said: “We have to look at that in more detail, we haven’t actually seen what has been decided yet, it was only a couple of days ago. We’ll be reviewing the plans to see from our point of view whether it’s still a fundable scheme.”

There was confusion at the metro area council meeting as to what the changes to the plans include and it’s still not totally clear what measures this will entail — council officials are said to be drawing up a draft plan based on the wording of the amendment of the project.

At the meeting shortly before the vote, Cllr Daniel Butler (FG) read out his amendment to the scheme which was accepted by councillors. He said: “It’s very clear. We propose the removal of the permeability filter north of Lifford Ave/South Circular Road, the introduction of a permeability measure at South Circular Road / Ballinacurra Road junction…”

Referring to another amendment proposed by Cllr Elisa O’Donovan (Soc Dems) and Cllr Joe Leddin (Labour), Cllr Butler said: “…exactly the same as your’s, there’s not much difference here…”.

He then continued to describe his amendment: “…the introduction of a permeability measure north of Ashbourne Ave / New Street junction to allow local traffic only, introduction of a permeability measure the north of the South Circular Road / Summerville Ave to allow local traffic only, introduction of a shared surface between Summerville Ave and Laurel Hill Ave with the reinstatement of car parking. It’s very clear.”

Cllr Dan McSweeney (FG), who seconded the amendment, said that they were leaving flexibility to in how council official deal with traffic management. On the same day, after the meeting, he confirmed to IrishCycle.com that the flexibility he referred to was related to the exact nature of the permeability measures.

Before the vote, Cllr Butler said that it had been discussed with the council’s Active Travel team and that “There have been discussions with the NTA about it”.

Also at the meeting, Sean McGlynn, the head of the Active Travel team at Limerick City and County Council, referred to Cllr Butler’s amendment and said that “obviously we have just received it as well”. McGlynn said the main difference was the proposed permeability measure for the north side of the junction of South Circular Road with Summerville Ave to allow local traffic only.

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