Cyclist knocked off their bicycle by motorist on Waterford cycle route with missing bollards

— 15 bollards missing inbound, and 14 outbound, says group.

A cyclist was knocked off their bicycle yesterday when cycling on the lightly segregated cycle route on Waterford’s Manor Street

The issue of the ongoing saga with the with-flow and contra-flow cycle tracks on Waterford’s Manor Street was highlighted by the Waterford Bicycle Users Group.

The cycling campaign group yesterday tweeted: “A follower was knocked from their bike this morning when a driver tried to enter the contraflow cycle lane on Manor St 🤬! This has to stop! Illegal driving/parking blitz now!”

Waterford BUG said the cyclist was not injured but was waiting at the lights when the van brushed past between him and the boards pushing him over and that the Gardaí called to the scene.

The group said that 15 bollards are currently missing inbound, and 14 outbound on the route.

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