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Over 800 zebra crossings mapped across Ireland… have we missed many?

When I started mapping zebra crossings across Ireland it was to highlight that the crossings are in heavier use outside of Dublin than some people think. Thanks to all of the readers who helped give the locations of over 800 zebra crossings that have now been mapped across Ireland.

If when I started this, I didn’t know there were so many. I don’t think I would have started if I had. I thought a few hundred would be the max.

The over 800 figure includes 720 with Belisha beacons (shown in red markers) and 124 without beacons (in blue markers), mostly on public roads or very public areas, such as hospital or university campuses. Many zebras painted in car parks between parking etc were not counted.

I’ve also mapped some of the trial sign-only zebra crossings in Limerick and Dún Laoghaire (green markers). There are also yellow squares to show zebras which have been replaced, sometimes after a street has been narrowed traffic calmed that beacons would be over kill and a raised table works, and in a small number of cases replaced with signalised crossings.

With the zebra crossings, some are raised crossings, many are not. There’s a mix of locations including town centres and suburban roads. Some are well-placed in the desire line and others are offset too much. Most towns could do with more zebras or other crossings.

The map just outlines where zebras are, it doesn’t make any judgement on if the location of the crossings or correct, or if a zebra is the correct choice for the location etc.

Are there many more missing from the map? Please comment below.


  1. I put a load in a comment on the original post on 29th November for Waterford City. Take a look back if you can to see please.

  2. 5 in Dunmore East Co Waterford.
    52.15558410974541, -6.999516314590368
    52.15515400824976, -6.998267347427788
    ….not appearing on Earth view yet
    52.15195056665909, -6.994683751064431
    52.15311054159014, -6.995640575293214
    52.154943751838594, -6.994387318590815

  3. Middle Glanmire Road, Cork:
    51.906398, -8.440274

    Lower Dublin Hill, Cork:
    51.925135, -8.458996

    Glenheights, Ballyvolane, Cork:
    51.921213, -8.459105
    51.919357, -8.459626
    51.918871, -8.459696

    Lower Glanmire Road, Cork:
    51.903487, -8.423260
    51.902889, -8.428277

  4. Hi Cian,

    I was bored and decided to try and boost the Wexford numbers, along with a few spots from UCD & TCD. Let me know if you need some help adding all of these!

    • @Tony — thank you very much for all of those, that’s some list!

      I’ve added most of them. I’ve left one or two out as they were in car parks (I also probably broke my inside car park rule in other cases).

      I think Wexford is the maybe the zebra capital of Ireland.


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