Offer code allows for free day use of ESB e-Bikes

News in brief: The Bleeper ESB e-Bikes can be currently tried out for free for a day with an offer code.

The ESB eBikes are part of an EU-funded mobility hub project and allow for full day rental as well as pay-as-you go.

Bleeper tweeted: “Want to try out the ESB eBikes for free? Use the coupon code ESBSHAMROCK to get one free day of ESB eBike hire via the Bleeper app.”

The rental normally is €1 Unlock Fee + €0.15 per minute for pay-as-you-go, €10 for a daily pass, or €3/day if you buy a €15 monthly subscription.

Unlikely most bicycle rental systems and Bleeper’s main service, the ESB bike day rental usually has a Cinderella-clause, the bikes must be back at their mainly suburban docking stations by midnight.

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More information can be found about ESB eBikes at


  1. Must be left back to “docking stations”??? That’s a joke. Meaning robbing cycle-racks from cyclists or just dumping the bike literally anywhere and everywhere, more-like in truth.
    That’s a lot of dosh for such brief usage, so they must be making enough money to provide their own commercial racks. Bleeper don’t have their own docking stations. They just block-off our use of public racks outside libraries or racks provided for customers at Supermarkets.

    • The Bleeper ESB e-Bikes are a separate service from the normal Bleeper bikes and the ESB bike have docking stations and MUST be left back to the same docking station as they were rented from.

      Bleeper bikes are generally well used and all bicycle rental companies are paying the councils for extra bicycle racks — you should raise the issue with the council and councillors if there’s not enough bicycle racks in any one area. Council also are getting funding from the NTA for bicycle parking.


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