Work progressing on two-way cycle path on Dublin’s Rock Road

Work is progressing on a two-way cycle path on the Rock Road from Blackrock Park to the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council border with Dublin City Council.

The project is effectively an extension of the Coastal Mobility Route from Blackrock Park to the city boundary. Any movement on the city council’s side is however tied up with the Strand Road case, which is still awaiting the written judgment from the Appeal Court justices.

The two-way cycle path, which runs for a distance of about 450 metres, will end at the junction of Trimleston Avenue. For now or at least once this project is finished, people heading northbound at this stage will be able to cross over the road to continue the cycle towards the city by mixing with traffic on the Merrion Road or cycle via Trimleston Avenue towards the N11/UCD.

If the Courts do give the city council the go ahead with the Strand Road scheme, Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown County Council previously said that their project is “designed to facilitate an extension into the Dublin City Council area. If they choose to continue this scheme to Merrion Gate and beyond, only lining changes would be required in the DLR area to create a tie in.”

The published designs included hatched areas, while these have been turned into protective concrete islands in the final design — at this point, the cycle track is unidirectional (towards the camera):

As planned, the designs also include mixing walking and cycling on shared sections of footpaths, photos shown below with their respective drawings below:

The photo was taken at the edge of the park / the Dart Station looking towards the city centre:

Here are all of the drawings which were published at the time of the consultation:


  1. Looks a tiny bit narrow for a 2 way cycle track. A lot of space wasted by those wide concrete dividers.

    If only they could finally sort out that bonkers laneway at Blackrock Dart Station.

    Also they need some safe way to enter the Park from the top end of the town as well rather than having to cycle on the footpath to reach the gated entrance.

    • As noted above, the concrete islands are where the track is unidirectional (one-directional) after the switchover point.


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