Living Streets Blackrock project make Covid redesign permanent, add cycling connection

‘Living Streets Blackrock’ is to give the redesign of the Co Dublin village centre a longer-term finish with added cycling connections.

The highly successful layout was first implemented as a Covid-19 measure providing outdoor dining and general public space by making the main street one-way for motorists.

A new contra-flow cycle lane on the street outside the library will connect with the existing contra-flow lane on Maretimo Villas, creating a more direct southbound cycle route between Blackrock Village and the two-way cycle path section of the Coastal Mobility Route at Seapoint Ave.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council said that the project will include “high-quality permanent materials to create a consistent look and feel for the village” and this includes a landscape upgrade that will provide better seating, footpaths and planting.

Public consultation on the project runs at until Sunday, June 10, 2023.

A selection of drawings and images:


  1. Seems to be no mention of widening the very narrow lane at the Dart Station connecting to the Park.

    Quite a steep climb if they think cyclists (especially with cargo bikes) will journey south up to the hill to the main park gate entrance- they’ll just use the lane as always.

    • @Mark I’ve heard nothing about that but it would be a completely separate project than village improvement scheme.

  2. @Mark, a consortium of residents & businesses at Blackrock are campaigning to address this issue. The path is narrow because the big garden at the back is privately owned. The local group is angling to cover the carpark completely, use the roof of the carpark as a community plaza, and have paths connecting to Blackrock Park and the beach – these would be a far less steep gradient than the current paths up the Park to the motorway. I’ve seen the plans and they look good but also depend on money & political vision.

  3. We have been waiting possibly a decade for DLRCC and the landowner (and estate executors) to agree a sale of part of the garden abutting that wall. Do we think land necessary to widen a route for a town bypass or a gas pipeline would face that delay?

  4. The dart line platform is cantilevered out over the path which makes it narrow, it looks to me they knew it was not theirs to build on or they would have built a wazll on that side.


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