Have you used the redesigned junction at Drummartin Road, Lower Kilmacud Road, and Eden Park Road?

Have you used redesigned junction at Drummartin Road, Lower Kilmacud Road, and Eden Park Road in Dublin? If you have, can you please answer the following questions by leaving a comment below…

  • What’s your experience of it overall?
  • What are the wait times usually like at traffic lights?
  • What could be improved?


  1. 1. Really positive experience. Felt much safer than just sitting in a right turn lane within the road, and I do think that segregated cycle crossings are nicer.

    2. Wait time was fine. I would say it was on par with pedestrian crossing wait times.

    3. There’s an esb box right in the middle of one of the approach lanes. There are crude barriers around it but in the dark you could easily cycle into it. Ridiculous that these things still happen.

    I’m a designer for transportation projects and this certainly is a fairly close to a peak representation of what we try to design at junctions nowadays. The filtered permeability is really good as well.

  2. I haven’t used it but that wait time seems very long, I think I’d lose patience, especially watching several cycles of motorised traffic direction go through. We need more equitably distributed wait times. Copenhagen very good on that. No type of road user has to wait any longer than anyone else.

  3. Wait times a big long, but turned out well. Better than what it has replaced for sure, where you proceeded on the left of left turning traffic when trying to go straight on, and was tricky on a cargo bike to use the straight-ahead lane instead.

  4. 1. Overall I love it. Right turn when coming up from Kilmacud so much easier and safer, especially for children. I love that the redesign of this junction opens up so many nice and quiet routes around the area, you can use the nearby cycle scheme and then turn into the quiet roads running parallel to lower kilmacud road all the way to Stillorgan. Can also use the junction to access the filtered permeability scheme @ Eden park road to get to airfield and Dundrum. The left hook risk when going straight on to Sandyford is also gone. It seems well thought out, easy to use and well linked to other improvements. It even has lovely metal insfrastructure to lean against while waiting for lights to change if coming from Eden park road to Lower Kilmacud Road which is impressive.

    2. Wait times can be slow, especially during the day. It takes ages to access Eden Park road when coming up from the Goat as two lights need to be used, but still the safety of it is great. I sometimes also use it late at night coming from Stillorgan and then it seems to detect cyclists coming and give them the green light as soon as button is pressed which is nice.

    3. The ESB box mentioned above is a bit strange and could be an issue for a first time user, in the dark or if volumes increase.


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