Man knocked off bicycle by hit-and-run car driver in Co Kerry

A man in his 20s was knocked off his bicycle by a hit-and-run car driver in Kerry in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Radio Kerry reports that Gardaí in Co Kerry are investigating the hit and run road collision involving a cyclist and a car driver which occurred on Dan Spring Road in Tralee.

The man who was hit was taken by ambulance to University Hospital Kerry after receiving treatment for what were described as non-life threatening injuries.

The road was closed for some time this morning for technical investigation.

Anybody with any information can contact Tralee Garda station on (066) 710 2300.

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IMAGE: Street View image of Dan Spring Road.


  1. @all – I don’t know if everyone / anyone followed last week’s series of letters to the Irish Times, there were about five or six letters complaining about e-scooters & people cycling on footpaths. Basically it was lock em up, fine em, make em pay for insurance & tax, lock up their ‘vehicles’. Absolutely no letters mentioned cars illegally parked on footpaths, the egregious state of our so-called cycling network or the far greater risk of being seriously injured/killed through collision with a motorist (cf the 6 or 7& counting hit and runs of cyclists this year). I sent in a letter, covering all three points but it didn’t get published. I wonder if anyone from a Cycling Campaign could send one in to broaden out the debate?

  2. Well said Mia.
    In the past, when I was on the air with George Hook (‘Right Hook’) he was constantly banging-on about adults cycling along pavements. I said to him in one interview had he ever thought of asking them why they were up on the pavement. No!
    I explained that they were likely too afraid to cycle on our roads, for the reasons you mention.
    Just this morning Sam Tranum (Dublin Inquirer) posted comments on Twitter about the rampant cycle track illegal parking he faced on his trip.


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