EU cycle route in Wexford should have signs saying ‘add some Fixodent’ or ‘tighten your bra strap’

— Moon-like surface on EuroVelo 1 route needs more than just patching says local campaigners.

EuroVelo 1, a cross-Europe cycle route, in Wexford, includes “excellent” sections, but other stretches of the route are pockmarked with potholes. A patchwork-quilt-like surface made up of past temporary repairs, isn’t suitable for cars, never mind bicycles, local campaigners have said.

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The surface of the section in question — which looks like it could act as a double in a horror film — isn’t the first issue for the pan-European EuroVelo route in

As reported in May, the approach to EuroVelo 1 in Ireland has also included using busy 100km/h national roads until alternatives are made available.

In a video posted on Twitter (see below), Phil Skelton, chairperson of Wexford Bicycle User Group (WexBUG) said: “I’m down here on a section of EuroVelo 1, between Our Lady’s Island and Rosslare Harbour, and I just want to have a look at the what you’re cycling along here… these are lovely quiet roads by the way, but the road surfaces, my word.”

“As you come up along here, you can see what you’re going to be cycling on here. I’m not sure if you’d recommend this for a bicycle, you might struggle for a 4-wheel drive. Definitely, you’d want a sign to say ‘add some Fixodent’ or ‘tighten your bra strap’ going here,” he said.

“Look at it, this goes on for a good length and it’s very bumpy beyond that. Launched with great fanfare in the last couple of weeks, but this is the reality of Eurovelo 1 Wexford section — not all of it is like this, some sections have been upgraded and are excellent — but these [bad sections] are here, just so that you’re aware of them if you decide to come along this way.”

He added: “You certainly need a fairly wide tyre, best of luck with it. It’s a beautiful route, by the way, once it’s fixed up and some standards applied.”

In reply to the WexBUG tweet, The Struggle Is Wheel — an account run by Wexford residents Leona Tuck and Michael Hennessy Cullen — said that surface quality is a barrier for disabled cyclists and that “cycling with a spinal cord injury means you feel every single bump”

They said: “Living on the @ECFEuroVelo 1 route, rough road surface quality is also a barrier for disabled cyclists. Apart from puncture risk, handcycling with a spinal cord injury means you feel every single bump… with nerve pain. #RuralHandCycling #RotharRoads”.

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