Dutch-style walking and cycling priority roundabout proposed for Dublin 16

— Preliminary consultation is now open until August 11.

Following the building of Ireland’s first Dutch-style roundabout in Dublin 15, another is now also proposed on the other side of the capital at the Taylor’s Lane Roundabout in Ballyboden, Dublin 16.

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The new project proposed by South Dublin County Council is part of Phase 2 of the Old Bawn to Ballyboden Active Travel Scheme.

The proposed design includes safer single-lane entry for motorists, and raised crossings with walking and cycling priority.

A report from council officials said: “Following development of a short-list of options for a junction upgrade to improve the safety, convenience, and attractiveness of walking and cycling at the Taylor’s Lane Roundabout as part of Phase 2 of the Old Bawn to Ballyboden Active Travel Scheme, an extensive modelling exercise was carried out.”

“Additionally, each option was assigned a quality of service (QOS) giving a qualitative score from an active travel point of view. The combination of the traffic modelling, which accounted for anticipated increases in driving, public transport, walking, and cycling numbers and the qualitive analysis allowed the impact of the options on traffic flows to be assessed,” it said.

It added: “The modelling and analysis showed that the option which provided the highest QOS for walking and cycling, while minimising disruption to drivers was Option 03: Dutch-style roundabout. It is proposed that this option be progressed to the next stage of design and be included in the Part VIII process.”

Preliminary public consultation is now being held on the scheme for four weeks until 6pm on Friday, August 11. Members of the public can make a submission and/or full out the survey at consult.sdublincoco.ie.

The consultation also includes two options along the Knockcullen Road — a shared path through existing greenspace or cycling on a quiet street treatment via Knockcullen Rise. On Ballyboden Way the two options are using the existing shared-surface paths with a painted line or providing a two-way cycle path by reducing the extra-wide traffic lanes.

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