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WATCH: Cycling off-road from Portmarnock train station to Baldoyle

Residents and visitors in the area can now walk and cycle between Portmarnock train station and parts of Baldoyle while avoiding cycling on the main road.

It’s possible via Portmarnock to Baldoyle Greenway, a short section existing cycle path at the Baldoyle end and a new link between the greenway and Portmarnock train station built partly by developers and partly by Fingal County Council.

The southern end of the route is a short hop to the S2S along Dublin Bay, but sadly the two remain unconnected for now. There has been some progress in removing kissing gates at Baldoyle Racecourse Park, but only at one end of the park for now. If more of the restrictive gates are removed it could offer a safer and more accessible route via the parks, lower traffic streets and quick-build protection of existing cycle lanes. It’s so close, but, for now, IrishCycle cannot recommend a route between the two routes.

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