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Dutch Bike Shop to shut down this weekend

Dutch Bike Shop, which is known as one of the main retailers dealing with Dutch and cargo bikes in Ireland, is shutting down.

In a message posted to Facebook by Astrid Fitzpatrick, on behalf of herself and her husband Frank who run the business, she said: “Not the happiest of news, but I’m putting it out her anyways. Unfortunately, our company The Dutch Bike Shop is not going to survive.”

“We are in talks with the liquidator and on Monday an ad will go into the paper. We are currently trying to clear as much stock as we can (not that it makes a difference to our income (there is none) but someone might be able to get a bargain rather than whoever they call in to take our stock,” she said.

I am going to reduce all stock on the website to 50% off, Valid until Saturday evening after which the website will be taken down and no more orders can be placed.

They added: “Please don’t feel guilty, I rather our friends and customers get a deal than see it sold for a pittance to anyone else. Thank you for 13 years of business.

They added that sharing the message is appreciated.

One person commenting said: “Sorry to hear that Astrid. You had an enormous impact around where I live – I see so many sustainable transport arrangements locally that I know were sourced from you.”

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