Work to improve Dublin’s car-free Capel Street to get underway on Monday

Work to improve the design of the car-free Capel Street between Ryder’s Row and Mary Street are to get underway on Monday, Dublin City Council has said.

“Dublin City Council is pleased to announce that the much-anticipated Interim Capel Street improvement works are set to commence on Monday, September 4th. This project aims to enhance the overall experience for pedestrians, cyclists, and the wider community while revitalizing one of Dublin’s iconic streets,” a council statement said.

Cairn Construction Ltd has been appointed as the contractor for the scheme which includes public seating areas, planting, greenery, and the upgrade of existing outdoor dining spaces.

The council said: “Since making Capel Street traffic-free, we have witnessed a remarkable increase in foot traffic and cycling activity. Pedestrians have increased by 12%, while cyclists have seen a 24% rise. These figures indicate a successful transition towards a more sustainable and people-friendly urban environment.”

The statement added: “Additionally, there has been a significant annual decrease of approximately 1.5 million vehicle trips in the area and decreased congestion on adjacent residential streets.”

The council also said that it is committed to keeping disturbance during the works to a minimum.

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