‘DJ on a Bike’ Dom Whiting to return to Dublin for cycling gig this Sunday

Dom Whiting — known as the ‘DJ on a Bike’ who has cycling gigs — is to return to Dublin this Sunday, September 17, 2023.

Whiting cycles a cargo trike with his decks — “Basically mate, one day I decided to bolt the decks to my bike.. and that’s it really” he previously said on Twitter.

The DJ attracts large crowds in different cities in the UK and Europe where he plays. Some of his supporters also carry linked speakers on cargo bikes or on backpacks among the crowd.

His Drum & Bass performance is to start at 2pm on Sunday at the Clock Tower on Grangegorman Lower.

I Bike Dublin said: “We can’t wait to join in the fun. Music, Bikes, Dublin, @domwhiting & you! A recipe for a fantastic afternoon!”

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